So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a new pool! Or maybe you are ready to get serious about updating your old swimming pool. No matter the case, RIG Custom Pool & Spa has just the right luxury features to help you enjoy your pool to its fullest potential. We all want our pools to be as stylish and fun as possible, right? Let us make yours the centerpiece of your Florida home and the envy of the neighborhood. Thankfully, luxury swimming pool features have come a long way in the past few years and almost anything you can think of is possible! Ready to take your central Florida pool to the next level? Sit back and imagine yourself enjoying these luxury swimming pool features.

The Best Luxury Swimming Pool Features


Tanning Ledge / Sun Shelf

Tanning by the pool can get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable in the hot Florida sun. A tanning ledge or sun shelf can have you basking in the sun in the comfort of your pool. Feeling a little too warm? Simply splash some water up or dip your feet over the edge of the ledge! Tanning ledges, no doubt, have to be one of our favorite luxury swimming pool features. When you have an in-pool tanning ledge, you can relax and tan while you are in your pool. No more sticking to a plastic lawn chair, burning up in the Florida heat and then jumping in and shocking your body with cold water. If you love having that quintessential Florida tan, then an in-pool sun shelf is absolutely the luxury swimming pool feature for you!

Glass Tiles

Many Florida pool owners love looking at their pool as much as they love using it. Of course, you want your family and friends to have fun playing and splashing in the water, but you also want them to be impressed with how your pool looks. Glass tiles are one luxury swimming pool feature that is sure to catch their eye. These beauties have the ability to catch light and create amazing underwater visual effects. Glass tiles come in a variety of styles and colors. You are bound to find the perfect option for your pool that will give it a unique look that your visitors won’t soon forget.

Fire Features

If you have a pool in Florida it is almost necessary to host outdoor parties at your home. Many pool owners choose to hold these type of parties at night because of the sweltering heat and humidity. It is also a great time to show-off another one of your luxury swimming pool features; fire! Night time pool parties are a fantastic reason to add a fire feature to your pool area. In addition to providing ambient lighting around your pool, fire features are captivating! They most definitely will be a favorite talking point at all of your pool functions.

Grottos & Rock Waterfalls

One of the biggest trends in pool design right now is making everything look as natural as possible. Like finding a beautiful body of glistening water just outside your back door, instead of just another backyard pool. For this reason, our next luxury swimming pool feature is adding a secret grotto and rock waterfall to your pool area. A grotto, along with a stunning waterfall, can make your pool seem like a secret oasis, which is something that will really melt the stress away after a long day at work.

luxury swimming pool features

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