Ready for a Florida pool season that is sure to make a splash?  Here’s a handy checklist to get your pool ready for swimming pool season in no time! Remember, following a regular maintenance schedule is important for maintaining a beautiful and functioning swimming pool.

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Follow These Tips to Get Your Pool Ready For Swimming Pool Season

Check The Pressure In Your Pool Filter.

Located on top of the filter is a pressure gauge. Your owner’s manual or filter manufacturer will list the ideal pressure setting.

☐ Clean Your Filthy Pool Filter.

A filthy filter means dirty pool water.  Clean your filthy filter by removing it and using a garden hose to spray it down. Use a cleanser that is specially formulated for pool filters to soak your filthy filter in. This removes oils and grease which usually go unseen. However, if you wear sunscreen when using your pool it’s a safe bet you need to give your filter a good soak.

☐ Clean The Debris Out Of The Strainer Basket.

Strainer baskets fill up quickly especially if you do not have a screen enclosure. Cleaning strainer baskets of sticks, leaves and other clutter will ensure more efficient cleaning.

☐ Test Chemical Levels.

Chlorine works hard to remove contaminants like algae and bacteria from your swimming pool water. Nonetheless, more is not always better. High chlorine levels cause burns and other skin irritations. Check your pool’s chemical levels regularly to make sure the water is safe.

☐ Scrub-a-dub.

Scrubbing your pool walls and waterline tile will help fight algae, mineral buildup, and sunscreen stains.

☐ Check For Cracks.

It goes without saying, but cracks in your pool can lead to major problems. If you notice any chips, cracks or other damage to your pool’s surface contact a pro to assess the issue. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

☐ Clean Your Deck.

Spray or scrub the area surrounding your pool to keep dirt and debris from getting into your pool. Remember, spilled drinks and food can also stain the area too. Be sure to spray down your pool deck once a week.

Let RIG Custom Pool & Spa take care of your pool maintenance. Get your pool ready for swimming pool season
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