Is your swimming pool ready for a storm? Every May through November Floridians have to deal with nasty storms and hurricane season. These nasty storms approximately do $28 billion in damage on an annual basis. In recent years, massive storms have been some of the largest and most intense hurricanes in recorded history, according to meteorological data.

Is your swimming pool ready for a storm

Living in Lakeland, Winter Haven or anywhere in Florida, you already know the potential dangers of hurricanes and major storms. A major storm can pose a threat to your home and property. Yes, that includes your pool. Preparing for your swimming pool for severe weather is key for helping it survive. The pool professionals at R.I.G. Custom Pool & Spa want to make sure you are ready. Before the storm arrives, follow this guide to prepare your pool.

How To Get Your Pool Ready For A Storm

1) Stow Loose Items

If possible, take everything you can and stow it inside: pool toys, safety equipment, chaise lounges, tables, chairs, umbrellas, and grills. These items can get blown away in high winds. In addition to loosing your stuff, it could also cause damage to surrounding homes or people. If you do not have the ability or space to store items in your home or garage, tie-down any free-standing items. For additional protection, cover these items with a tarp to protect small parts from flying away. Remember to never put free-standing items inside your pool.

2) Turn Off Power To Your Swimming Pool

No matter what the power source is for your pool, make sure to turn it off as part of your storm prep. If flooding is expected, unplug your pump and filter system. If possible, stow the filter system inside along with other free-standing items and equipment. Otherwise, the unit could sustain damages requiring you to replace the entire system.

3) Do Not Cover Your Pool During Severe Weather

We understand that your natural instinct may lead you to cover your pool to protect it from harm. However, this actually is the wrong decision when getting your pool ready for a storm. High winds catapult debris, which can rip and tear your pool cover. Even if the cover remains in place following a major storm or hurricane, you face the daunting task of having to clear off heavy amounts of debris and water from the cover before being able to access your pool again.

4) Balance Your Pool Water 

Getting your swimming pool water balanced will make it easier to clean post-storm. So, test your water. If the balance is off, add the necessary chemicals, or let us do this for you. Many pool owners are quite busy with other storm preparations to think about cleaning or balancing their pool’s chemicals beforehand. Although, this step helps reduce the potential contaminations in your pool water during and after the storm.

5) Keep Water In Your Pool

Just like using the cover, draining your pool may seem like a good idea. However, a drained pool is more vulnerable to damage. It can bulge, split, or even pop completely out of the ground. Of course, any of these situations lead to massive and expensive repairs.

6) Trim Surrounding Trees.

Tree limbs can easily go flying during major storms, like a tornado or hurricane. Leaving you with damage to your home and/or swimming pool. Flying debris can crack pool surfaces or harshly strike your pool equipment. Inf fact, the structural integrity of the pool could be compromised if a large tree limb is blown into it. Do yourself a favor and keep trees and bushes pruned throughout the hurricane season in Florida.

7) Add Your Pool To Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

If you bought your home with a pool, you likely already have this type of insurance. However, if you added a pool to your home after you moved in your policy could be deficient. A pool is a large investment. Make sure yours is protected. Even with diligent preparation, damage can occur. Adding your pool to your homeowner’s policy helps protect you from having to pay for the repairs completely out of pocket. 

What If I Fail To Get My Pool Ready For A Storm?

We hope that you never have to deal with a hurricane or other major storm damaging your pool. Although living in Florida, the potential for this situation is always there. If your pool is damaged or components need to be replaced, you can trust the professionals at R.I.G. Custom Pool & Spa. We provide quality, reliable pool repair services for both residential and commercial customers. If you need pool repair, just give us a call at (863) 294-4475 or drop by our office at 2001 Havendale Boulevard in Winter Haven, FL, to learn more about our entire range of services.

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