Is your Florida swimming pool looking a little rough around the edges? Think you have to just have to deal with it or wait till you move into a new house to have the pool of your dreams? Think again, because it’s not the case! A licensed swimming pool contractor like R.I.G Custom Pool & Spa can remodel your pool and bring it back to life! The fun does not have to stop there either, we can design an outdoor space to compliment your newly refreshed pool. Of course, aesthetics are just one of the reasons why pool owners decide it is time for a makeover. Here are some of the questions you should ask when trying to decide if it’s time to remodel your central Florida swimming pool.

Is My Pool Safe?

Swimming pools get used a lot in Florida! Damage to your pool can be a potentially disastrous safety hazard. Issues such as cracked concrete, damaged fiberglass, dangerous steps and chipped tile can cause physical injuries and signal that it’s time to remodel your pool. Cracks and texture irregularities in the foundation threaten the health and overall structure of your pool. Over time a minor crack or divot turns into a major crevice. Not to mention, cracks and crevices are potential breeding grounds for algae and bacteria, which affects the water quality of your swimming pool. In turn, keeping a safe swimming pool safe protects your family, the investment you have made in having a pool, and thwarts potential legal action should a visitor become injured in your pool.

Is My Pool Out Of Date?

R.I.G. Pool Spa Remodel Your PoolArchitectural styles change over time—and that goes for pools as well. Unless you are going for a “retro” look it could be time to remodel your pool. A rectangular pool with turquoise tile might have been popular in the 1980s, but trying to make it work for a modern outdoor oasis is a stretch. Worry not, our pool professionals can remodel your pool with the new technology and conveniences you have been dreaming of while working within your budget. With a wide variety of features are available, you can have the “cool pool” on the block again! Another great benefit of remodeling your pool is enhanced property value. This is a major plus if you will be selling your home in the future.

Is My Pool Energy Efficient?

Technological advances have affected just about every aspect of our life and society, and the pool industry is no different. Modern swimming pools have features such as automated systems that manage pumps, heaters, filtration, and cleaning. Automated systems are controlled remotely, allow you to manage your swimming pool’s efficiency, and helps lower energy bills. If you have an older swimming pool, consider having R.I.G. Custom Pool & Spa replace your outdated equipment in exchange for energy-efficient alternatives. You’ll be helping the environment and saving money on your electric bill at the same time.

Swimming Pool Remodeling Services In Winter Haven

At R.I.G. Custom Pool & Spa, our professional team members pride themselves on being able to handle any pool remodeling job. Want to improve the function of your pool or give it a total makeover? We can make your vision a reality. Ready for a great-looking swimming pool with reasonably-priced results? Take the next step and call our office in Winter Haven, Florida at (863) 294-4477 to schedule a consultation.

R.I.G Custom Pool & Spa is proud to serve customers in the central Florida area including  Winter Haven, Lakeland, Auburndale, Haines City, Davenport, Kissimmee, Brandon, Plant City and more!