Having a pool is fun, relaxing, and can help make exercise feel like less of a chore. All while cementing your home as the go-to gathering point for friends and family. However, having a pool also takes an investment of your time and money. Make sure your pool lasts for the long haul by having it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Of course, proper pool maintenance means going far beyond skimming the leaves and checking the chemicals. That is why you should trust the care of your pool to the professionals at RIG Custom Pool & Spa!

pool maintenance

Here are a few reasons why weekly pool and spa maintenance is the right decision for your family.

1. Peace Of Mind

Instantly upon hiring our services, you can be sure your pool will be cared for in the proper manner. Go ahead, relax, knowing your pool will stay clean and safe even when you’re not home!pool maintenance

2. Stay On Schedule

Life gets hectic when you have to juggle work, kids schedules, appointments and other commitments. Hence tasks like pool cleaning often fall by the wayside. This leads to damaged pool equipment and polluted water. Hiring ongoing pool maintenance by RIG Custom Pool & Spa will make sure your pool is always cleaned on a reliable schedule.

3. We Go The Extra Mile

Our pool technicians are thorough. At RIG Custom Pool & Spa, our program of pool maintenance includes brushing the pool walls and tile line, cleaning the pump and skimmer baskets and removing surface debris. Next, we’ll test the chemical balance, treat the water, check the filter pressure and vacuum the pool. In addition, we’ll also do a visual inspection of your pool. Consequently, we’ll check for cracks, signs of wear and verify that all of your pool equipment is in working order.

4. Fully Equipped

pool maintenanceIf you clean your pool yourself, you may be in a rush and overlook the early warning signs of a problem. Our technicians are fully trained to identify problems with your pool equipment. Likewise, this can lead to saving you from a costly repair bill. At RIG Custom Pool & Spa we are a full-service pool company. We have all the parts to clean and repair your pool, as well as facilitate a full-scale remodel and complete new pool and spa construction.

5. Wise Investment

Yes, hiring the services of a professional pool company will cost money. Yet, think of all valuable time you will save! Freeing up portions of your schedule to spend on more important things. Plus, when potential problems are detected early, it helps avoid major repairs.


Trust Your Pool Maintenance To RIG Custom Pool & Spa

Now that you’ve made the financial investment to have a swimming pool installed, make the commitment to having it professionally maintained! Ensure your pool remains clean, inviting, and healthy with RIG Custom Pool & Spa! We pride ourselves on assembling a staff of experienced and polite pool professionals capable of working on pools of any size. We are state-certified and have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Learn more about the services we provide or schedule a cleaning, call our office in Winter Haven, Florida at (863) 294-4475 or send us a message on Facebook!


RIG Custom Pool & Spa is proud to serve customers throughout Polk County, Florida including Lakeland, Winter Haven, Davenport, Bartow and Haines City.


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