Chlorine, it irritates your skin and eyes and it smells terrible! Not exactly something you want to submerge your whole body in for fun. However, when it comes to swimming pools, do you have much of a choice? Thanks to advances in technology, there is an alternative that is much more pleasant. Salt water pools are becoming a hot topic in the pool industry. Of course, with all alternatives, there are pros and cons to consider. That’s why we want to help understand the good and bad of salt water pools.

float of salt water pools

Pros of Salt Water Pools

no chlorine pros of salt water poolsSalt water pools typically have much lower chlorine levels than traditional swimming pools. This is thanks to a salt generator, which uses electrolysis to sanitize your pool’s water. If your skin is sensitive to chlorine levels in traditional pools, you are less likely to have irritation when using salt water pools. Owners of salt water pools do not have to worry about storing and transporting hazardous chlorine to maintain their pools. Salt water pools require less maintenance than their chlorinated counterparts. Tired of adding chlorine and keeping checking pH balances? In salt water pools, the salt generator does a lot of the maintenance for you. This is a big time saver and welcomed convenience for salt water pool owners.

Cons of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools do require a bigger initial expense. Additionally, while maintenance is not as frequent with salt water pools, when something does malfunction you can expect to pay a little more to have it remedied. The cost of a new salt generator can reach four figures, and replacing the salt cell in the generator typically costs a few hundred dollars.dangers of pool leaks If you run into a sanitation problem with your salt water pool the answer is often more complex than just adding chlorine or another chemical to balance things out. This means hiring an experienced professional technician to figure out what is wrong. In the past, salt water pools have been reported as more likely to damage pool fixtures. Although this could not be a problem with new salt water pool systems, only time will tell. It also helps if your salt water pool is properly installed and maintained by a professional pool service company. Want to learn more? Check out our next blog – What you need to know about Salt Water Pools.

Learn More About Salt Water Pools

At RIG Custom Pool & Spa, we sell, install, and maintain pools of any size and variety—including salt water pools. Our business is state-certified and we are proud to have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about the pools and services we provide, call our office at (863) 294-4475 or send us a message!     RIG Custom Pool & Spa

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